Chat with Cuba even if your contacts don't have Internet access

CubaMessenger gives you the opportunity to have your family and friends closer than ever in an easy and fun way.

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¿What we offer?


Communicating in the best way possible has been the purpose in which we have focused to develop CubaMessenger.

  • Text messages

    Send and receive text messages to Cuba has never been easier like now.

  • Pictures

    Send and receive pictures with excellent quality and light at the same time.

  • Voice Messages

    Send and receive voice messages as many as you want up to 1 minute long.

  • Videos

    Send and receive videos that optimize the current connection in Cuba.

  • Notifications

    You can be notified for each message when it is received on your device.

  • Speed

    You can establish good communication with your contacts.

¿Why choose us?

Users tell us they see the difference.

Everything has changed, when it comes to communication is never enough, however CubaMessenger offers something unique, never seen before...

  • Real-time chat with contacts in Cuba.
  • No internet required in Cuba.
  • Really cheap ($0.05 send y $0.02 receive).
  • It only charge the user outside Cuba.
  • It is free if the connection in Cuba is through Internet.

You can connect from anywhere to anywhere.

To be in touch with family and friends wherever you are, it makes your life better.

With CubaMessenger you can experiment a new and effective way of communication, breaking of borders with Cuba.


Download CubaMessenger to your phone.

The application is available for Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. In Cuba it is possible to download the APK file.

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We are here to help you.

If you have any questions to ask us. For any problems with the application or suggestions, please contact us.

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